Traveling on a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Traveling on a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

These days it seems that gluten and a gluten-free lifestyle are mentioned everywhere. Some will say it is the latest dietary fad but for many, particularly those with celiac (coeliac) disease, it is a lifestyle which needs to be closely adhered to. There are many similarities between cystic fibrosis and celiac (coeliac) prompting many in the CF community to also follow a gluten free lifestyle. As a keen traveler and cystic fibrosis patient here are some tips and useful infographic when traveling on a gluten-free lifestyle. Thanks to the good people behind


Traveling on a Gluten-Free Lifestyle Some Useful Tips

More than three million Americans have already decided to go gluten-free. The number of people adhering to the diet has tripled within a five-year period between 2009 and 2014. In fact, a Gallup poll has shown that one in six Americans are making an active effort in including gluten-free foods in their everyday diet.

Over a quarter (28%) of these individuals actually have a medical condition involving an intolerance (such as celiac disease), sensitivity, or gluten allergy. The vast majority, however, are PWAGs (people without celiac disease avoiding gluten). These individuals believe they can improve their overall health simply by eliminating gluten altogether from their diet.

Going gluten-free these days has indeed become more popular, with so many options for dining, as well as healthier food choices available online, via specialty retailers, and better-equipped supermarket chains.

For people on the go, this means you now have a much easier time sourcing food, finding food alternatives, or planning a trip even when you’re on a gluten-free lifestyle.

Here are a few tips for traveling gluten-free shared by the good people behind

Check out gluten-free apps

Fortunately, we now have a plethora of mobile apps at our fingertips, and there’s a good deal of applications available for those on a gluten-free lifestyle.

Find Me Gluten Free is like a Yelp for gluten-free dining, helping you find suitable restaurants near you. The Gluten Free Food Finder and the Gluten Free Scanner can give you food information just by scanning an item’s barcode. Food Maestro and Cookpad have quite an extensive selection of gluten-free recipes and food ideas.

Plan your food while in transit

Keep a handy stash of your favorite foods while you’re traveling. Depending on how long you’re going to be in transit, you may have to pack some snacks and maybe even a gluten-free meal or two.

If you can, book a gluten-free food option with the airline, and check customs restrictions ahead of time as well. It would be a shame if you’d have to toss away your specially prepared packs of fruits and nuts at the border.

Pack your drinks

Water is by far your safest and best bet when you’re traveling. A travel bottle does come in handy, and you can also pack teas or coffee with you as well, along with some packets of stevia if you wish so.

Have your medication handy

Yes, even meds can contain gluten. So, it’s always a good practice to bring the ones you know are gluten-free on your trip. Pack your meds in small, daily dosage boxes and keep the rest of your medication in your luggage.

You’ll want to have your maintenance medicine with you, as well as your in-case-of-emergency drugs of choice. Also, make sure your companions know about your emergency medication protocols in case you get a sudden flare-up or reaction.

For more information about gluten-related ailments as well as gluten-free stores, brands, and restaurants, check out the detailed infographic below.

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Traveling on a Gluten-Free Lifestyle
Traveling on a Gluten-Free Lifestyle.. As a keen traveler and cystic fibrosis patient here are some tips and useful infographic when traveling on a gluten-free lifestyle.
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