Las Vegas vs Asian Las Vegas: Which is better?

Las Vegas vs Asian Las Vegas: Which is better?


Travelling is obviously our passion in life and it is for many people. However some have other passions in life whether it be sport, helping others, collecting things or even gambling. Gambling is one industry which has boomed in recent years due to the internet and online apps. To be honest we are not regular gamblers, and even if we were we would probably lose more than we would win! but looking back we have enjoyed time with friends & family in casinos in South America and Australia. In many countries gambling is illegal or frowned upon but two destinations in different parts of the globe stand out and are infamous for those who love a flutter. Las Vegas in the USA and Macau in Asia. We are here to roll the dice and pitch Las Vegas vs Asian Las Vegas: Which is better? 

Las Vegas vs Asian Las Vegas: Which is better? Cashing in Your Chips

Gambling is a huge industry.  According to, Las Vegas is not the only game in town when people want to gamble away their hard-earned money.  While Las Vegas is the first place that comes to mind, Macau has had a higher revenue draw from casinos than Las Vegas, and most people don’t even know it exists, unless they live in that region. Macau is an autonomous little territory in the Republic of China, but it has enormous potential when it comes to the casino and hospitality industry. Since 2002, it has been an international tourist hotspot for those looking to try their hand at lady luck, or just to have a nice vacation getaway. And since then, it has rapidly built up with some of the world’s foremost casinos. Some of the biggest and best from Vegas are already trying to branch out and establish a presence there!

Let’s look at a comparison. Maybe it’s time for your business to consider branching out to Macau as well. Or perhaps you are planning a gambling vacation and you may want to consider a different alternative for where you were planning to go?

Celebrity Sightings

Famous celebrities have been spotted severally in both the hotspot casino sites.



       David Beckham

     Paris Hilton

       Stephen Baldwin

Las Vegas

     Ben Affleck

    Ashton Kutcher

    Pamela Anderson

   Tiger Woods

These celebrities have been known to frequent these locations. They have been seen there often and who knows? You may just bump into them while you are there.

Types of Celebrities

What types of celebrities frequent each location? What kinds of the caliber of famous people do you have the chance of running into on your whirlwind casino vacation? It might be important to note that in 2015, Leonardo Di Caprio, Martin Scorsese, and Robert De Niro launched a $3.2 billion casino resort in Macau.


A-list Chinese Celebrities

 Asian business men

Las Vegas

  Hollywood Stars

 Sports Stars

Duration of Stay


1 day, 2 nights

  • 52% of people visiting will stay overnight

Las Vegas

4-1/2 days, 3-1/2 nights

Almost 100% of visitors will stay overnight


There is a bit of an added bonus for gambling in Macau.  Winnings are untaxed. Conversely, foreign visitors in Las Vegas must pay a tax of 30% on their winnings. Domestic gamblers must pay a tax of 25% to 30%.  The taxation amount is dependent on the amount of your winnings. Higher winnings are taxed at a higher percentage.

Las Vegas

  •  Only about 70% of visitors gamble during their stay
  • The average budget for gambling is about $600
  • About 2 hours per day are typically spent on gambling


  • About 75% of visitors gamble during their stay.
  • Average gaming budget is only about $250

What about the atmosphere? What’s the emphasis on?

Las Vegas

  •        More focused on fun
  •        Parties, entertainment, shows
  •        Alcohol is served in the casinos
  •        Many casinos provide free alcohol while you are gambling
  •        More fast food places


  •        More serious gambling
  •        No alcohol but tea and Coca-Cola are served
  •        High-class restaurants with world-famous chefs

Casino Brands Available in Both Locations

  •        Venetian
  •        MGM Grand
  •        Wynn


As you can see, currently there are a lot of similarities and differences between the two.  There are both positives and negatives to each experience, and you must weigh your options carefully. Which kind of experience do you want to have? Are you looking for more entertainment or a more serious, business-like and high-end trip?

If you are interested in the former and have more money to play with, then Las Vegas may be the trip for you. But if you want a classier experience, with a less costly experience then you may want to give Macau a try. And the fact that there are no taxes on your winnings may make the additional airfare costs worth it. And in some cases, if you plan ahead enough, the cost of international versus domestic travel for Americans may not be that much. But make sure your passport is in order well ahead of time. That process can take several weeks!

Make sure that you plan accordingly, however, because each local has different weather patterns.  Las Vegas, for example, during the summer can be very, very hot.  It is, after all in the middle of the desert. Macau may be a more moderate climate.

If you are interested in more shows and entertainment, then Las Vegas may be a better choice, as there is not as much of that in Macau. However, with more of the big Las Vegas brands moving in, that may be about to change!

If you are more interested in fine dining and a professional business-like experience, then you may prefer Macau.  Macau may also be more catered toward families as there are beaches and resorts that are tailored to that type of a vacation.  Whereas Las Vegas has more fast food and bright, busy city atmosphere.  There is a lot of traffic and may not be as well suited for younger children.

Whichever experience you choose, you are sure to have an amazing time. But remember, never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Be responsible about your gambling and don’t spend your money for your bills and important expenses because there are no guarantees.  And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Wonder if that applies to the Asian Las Vegas, too?

Las Vegas vs Asian Las Vegas: Which is better?

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